Fruit salad & toast (Serves 1)

1 09 2005

– 1 cup mixed fruits, chopped
– 1/2 cup non-fat peach mango yoghurt
– 1 tbsp wheat germ
– 1 slice whitemeal bread
– 1 tsp low-sugar fruit jam

1. Place mixed fruits in a bowl.
2. Add non-fat peach mango yoghurt and sprinkle with wheat germ [or serve the yoghurt on the side].
3. Toast the whitemeal bread, spread with low-sugar jam and serve with fruit salad.

Nutritional Analysis for Fruit Salad & Toast:
Energy : 326 kcals
Carbohydrate : 66g
Protein : 11g
Dietary Fibre : 10g
Total Fat : 2g
Sat. Fat : 0.5g
Calcium : 74mg

*When you use apple, keep the skin because this is where you find the most fibre.
*Strawberries and kiwis are both very high in vitamin C and they help absorb iron and are good for your immune system.
*When choosing grapes, pick those with the red skin because they have a lot of anti-oxidants in the skin.
*You can vary the fruits by using pears or mangoes, just make sure that you choose the more colourful fruits because they have more anti-oxidants.
*Add yoghurt for calcium and top the salad with wheat germ that you can easily get from the supermarket.
*Wheat germ has a lot of vitamin E which is a natural anti-oxidant. It’s also high in folate and zinc which is important for your immune system.
*You can also complement your fruit salad with a slice of toast. Use just a little non-sweetened or low-sugar jam.



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