Hsuyn gi (Smoked Chicken) – serves 6

22 11 2005

1 whole chicken
Enough cold water to immerse chicken
Similar quantity of iced water
250 mL salt water ( ¾ teaspoon per 250 mL water)
100 g raw sugar
1 tablespoon Oolong tea leaves
sunflower oil, for cooking
1 dessertspoon sesame oil, to glaze chicken
½ teaspoon salt water

1. Put chicken in cold water and bring to the boil. Boil for about 20 minutes. Check if cooked by inserting a chopstick or metal skewer into the bird. If clear liquid runs out, it is cooked. Remove chicken from water.
2. Then soak the chicken in ice water for 10 minutes (Tip – This makes the chicken flesh tighter and creates a nicer texture.)
3. Remove chicken and dry in the air for a few minutes.
4. Prepare a pot or a wok for smoking by putting two sheets of aluminium foil at the bottom of the pot or wok.
5. Spread sugar and tea leaves over the foil, then put in a cake rack. (Tip – brush sunflower oil on the rack.)
6. Heat the wok or pot to a high heat.
7. Brush the dried chicken with salt water, then put it on the cake rack and cover the wok or pot with the lid. Cook on maximum heat for 5-6 minutes so that the sugar and tea leaves burn to provide smoke. When the smoke can be seen escaping from the lid, the chicken is ready.
8. Place chicken on a serving platter and brush with sesame oil to give it a glaze.
9. Leave until chicken is cold and then slice to serve.

Adopted from “Secret recipes” from ABC TV Online.



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