Tiramisu – serves 4

27 03 2006

120g ladyfinger sponge
80g icing sugar
30g cocoa powder

Coffee syrup:
40g coffee powder
490ml water
140ml sugar syrup
14g instant coffee powder
40g coffee liqeur

Tiramisu cream:
8 egg yolks
40g icing sugar
500g mascarpone cheese
3 egg whites
25g sugar

1. Fill a pot with coffee syrup ingredients and bring to boil. Leave to cool then refrigerate until well-chilled.
2. Soak ladyfinger sponges in coffee syrup till fully absorbed.
3. For the tiramisu cream: combine egg yolks and icing sugar and whip till foamy. Mix well with mascarpone till smooth.
4. Whip egg white and sugar until peaks form. Carefully fold into cheese mixture.
5. Layer tiramisu cream and ladyfinger sponge alternately in 4 coffee cups. Combine icing sugar with cocoa powder and sift over the top of each filled cup. Refrigerate until well-chilled and serve.

Time: 25 mins, excluding refrigeration



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